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ENGINEERING | Production process

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Gallicchio Engineering.



The company's design capability has always been its competitive leverage, making it stand out above the rest.

The creation of Gallicchio Engineering represents the natural evolution of a strategic intuition stemming from the development of Engineered Design processes within Gallicchio
Stampi. What started off as a technical office is now a
perfectly structured company, whose legacy of knowhow,
high specialisation of skills and availability of an extraordinary wealth of technological resources permeate each and every step of the manufacturing process.

Today, Gallicchio Engineering works alongside Gallicchio Stampi to design and produce precision moulds

for thermoplastic components. Together, the two companies consolidate Gallicchio's position in the automotive component production sector even further and are able to tap into new
markets such as that of household appliances.


A hallmark of integration.

To Gallicchio Engineering integration is an operational model geared towards process efficiency and embodies the relational dynamics behind its superior result-driven quality.
It is a platform directly linking the technical office to the manufacturing department and enables the departments to communicate seamlessly, thus improving flexibility and
responsiveness in real time. It is a partnership of design with the client and the sharing of its industrial targets, starting from the analysis of style models, specifications and reference regulations. It is a network of external structures of excellence, each playing its part in process simulations, structural calculations and prototype building. It is a global service offering, starting from codesign and continuing with product engineering, all the way through to the moulding of finished parts.

Integration is the be-all and end-all.