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From the workshop to integrated engineering.



Gallicchio Stampi was established in 1975 as an artisan workshop. Today, it is a centre of Italian excellence successfully operating in the global market of injection and blow moulding.It has grown over time, continuing to consolidate its presence and drive innovation.

It has been able to earn the trust of the main brands in the automotive sector and has continued to develop its design capability with determination, culminating in the creation of Gallicchio Engineering in 2006. Its projects more often that not cross the Country's borders, however its core strength still lies in a solid and motivated family-run business, committed to research, management efficiency and dynamic client partnerships.



Gallicchio Stampi and Gallicchio Engineeringare based in Turin, capital of the Italian automotive and industrial design industry. A city that has been able to transform itself into a melting pot of convincing and stimulating ideas and drive its energy forward, especially with regard to environmental impact.

It has succeeded in attracting creative and entrepreneurial resources from all over Europe to then gain an even stronger foothold overseas. Gallicchio has decided to stay focused in Turin, at the very heart of a world whose industrial projects are always on the move.


Based in Turin, the capital of industrial design.